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Taking the reins to reading

Saving Grace Farm is currently working on a program to aid children who are struggling with reading.  Our hope is to partner with the school system and other local organizations and offer a unique opportunity that has proven to encourage even the most reluctant readers in other parts of our nation, by working with horses!  Check back with us to gain updates on this exciting new program and how you can help! 

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Summer Horsemanship camp

Saving Grace Farm has for many years offered fun and educational horse camps for horse crazy little boys and girls for a few weeks out of each summer.  These camps are NOT filled with 20-30 children.  These camps are limited to 8-12 participants and give the children much more horse time than some programs.  Our camps are taught by adults who are very experienced with horses and we have trained volunteers to assist the children where needed.  These programs will be condensed to 3-day camps this year so that we may fit them into our busy schedule.  We greatly enjoy giving local children the experience of learning all about horses and gaining experience that can help them in everyday life.  Our horses are specially trained to be calm and docile when working with people with special needs and disabilities, so they have great personalities.  And they are excellent at teaching leadership, respect, trust, empathy, compassion, assertiveness without aggression, and more!

Camps will run from 8:30-2:30 June 19-22, June 26-28, July 17-19, July 24-26, July 31-Aug 2, and August 7-9 (children will be grouped age/ability appropriate)

Cost is $100 and includes healthy snacks (fresh fruit), crafts, and any other camp materials.  Lunch should be packed for each child to avoid allergy issues.  After camp care is available from 2:30-5:00 for an additional $50 for the three days.

Camp applications are available HERE!

STANDARD RIDING Lessons (FOR THE PUBLIC) $125/month - 1 lesson per week

Saving Grace offers riding lessons to the public.  Our lessons focus on safety and all around horsemanship, from working with your horse on the ground, to basic English riding skills.  Lessons are always taught by a trained ADULT, and provide a great foundation for the true horse lover.  Lessons are scheduled once a week and cost $125 per month.  Please see our lesson application and policies for more information.  Standard lesson times are limited as our priority is to serve clients with special needs.  Lessons are by appointment and first come, first served.  NOTE: Lessons typically only have one or two students in them.

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“A barn is a sanctuary in an unsettled world, a sheltered place where life’s true priorities are clear. When you step back, it’s not just about horses — it’s about love, life, and learning. We honor our horses for their brave hearts, courage, and willingness to give. Indeed, horses have the hearts of warriors and often carry us into and out of fields of personal battles. Those who know them understand how fully a horse can hold a human heart.”
~ Lauren Davis Baker

Group Programs & special outings

Saving Grace also offers special programming for groups.  We gladly partner with other programs and organizations to collaborate our efforts for the greater good.  Below are a few examples of what we can offer, but we also have the ability to cater our services to your needs, as the horses have a variety of life lessons to offer. 

Grooming & Groundwork:  These sessions offer a therapeutic outlet and teach groundwork, grooming, breeds, conformation, and basic horse handling in a beautiful, therapeutic atmosphere.  Schedule a group of children, adults, or the elderly to come out and work with horses on the ground.  This is great for “mom’s morning out, groups of senior citizens, home school children, etc.  Come out and “Play with the Ponies” for an hour!  Cost is $10 per person, Minimum of 5 participants

H.A.Y. Program: The Horses Aiding Youth (HAY) program offers a unique approach to life lessons.  Youth learn about trust, respect, leadership, communication, connection, assertiveness without aggression, appropriate behaviors, finding calm, and so much more through the eyes of the horse.  Horses can teach us a great deal about life and dealing with its changes and uncertainties.  Our instructors teach the youth how to listen to the horse and learn from its natural behaviors.  For large groups we can incorporate crafts and classroom type activities into these programs.  For youth at-risk, these sessions are not set up for one-time visits, as it typically takes multiple interactions with the horses to have a lasting effect.  However, one time outings are possible for youth groups interested in information, a unique experience, or some fun, alternate education.

Veterans Programs - FREE

In 2013, Saving Grace began serving Veterans with special issues both seen and unseen.  Saving Grace accepts individual veterans, as well as groups who wish to experience the benefits of therapeutic horsemanship.

Currently, through a program with the Salisbury VA Hospital, we are able to offer therapeutic horsemanship to veterans struggling with various issues, as well as a group of inpatient veterans in the geriatric unit.  It has been a great privilege to work with these outstanding individuals.  We give them the opportunity to be empowered by connecting with a 1,000 lb. animal, build a relationship based on trust, respect, and leadership, and then transition that relationship into the saddle.  The program has some very enlightening and educational factors that reverberate with the veterans.  And much of what the horses can teach, can be carried over into everyday life.  The peaceful environment of the farm and the endearing personalities of the horses combine to create an enjoyable experience that provides a wealth of insight and learning opportunities.
Any veterans may sign up for lessons through this program.  Saving Grace will work to find a sponsor or guide the veteran through the process of being approved to receive their lessons for FREE.

THerapeutic Riding lessons

Therapeutic riding lessons are offered for children and adults with special needs and disabilities, youth at-risk, and those who have been through trauma.  Horseback riding offers a variety of benefits including physical, emotional, social, educational, and mental improvements.  The movement of the horse emulates the human walk and can help build torso strength, encourage balance, and trunk control.  The movement also stimulates the child's sensory system and can soothe and calm riders, or encourage them to be more engaged.  Communication and clear speech is encouraged, educational aspects can be added in, and gross and fine motor skills are exercised all while learning to ride and care for the horse.  To join our programs please download the application below.

2017 Schedule

Our lessons will occur Tuesday through Saturday in sessions of 6-8 weeks.  Please call 704-209-6577 to sign up for a session.  We do a FREE evaluation with each client.  Evaluations must be done and all paperwork complete at least one week prior to the first lesson.  Download the application at the green button on the right.

Spring:     March 7 - April 15   No lessons the week of spring break

               April 25 - June 17    No Lessons April 29th, will be made up at a later date

Summer: June 20 - Aug 18     No lessons the week of July 4th, no lessons on Aug 19


Fall:        Sept 5 - Oct 27       No lessons Saturday September 23, and Oct 28 (Trick or Treat Ride, Saturday Students ride free)

              Oct 31 - Dec 16      No lessons the week of Thanksgiving

No lessons January/Feb 2018

"Nothing can compare to giving a child who is unable to walk, four legs and the chance to fly."

                  ~Janna Griggs, Executive Director

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